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We know that the end of a tenancy can be a difficult and stressful time for landlords, tenants and letting agents so we've developed a Caboodle check out system to handle the whole process.

You can choose to have one of our experienced inspectors complete an independent third-party check out inspection and soon you’ll be able to use our online system and do it yourself.

A check out inspection involves a careful check of the outside areas of the property and all the rooms and items inside, looking for any changes in cleanliness and in condition (beyond fair wear and tear that would be expected during the tenancy) compared to the inventory taken at the start of the tenancy. These issues - considered tenant liability - are photographed, described and recorded in the report so that they may then be deductible from the deposit.

We don't stop there. We will also report on key maintenance and safety issues we see, record meter readings and complete a smoke alarm compliance check and alert you of any problems.

With the data uploaded to your dashboard within 24 hours, you can then easily view and email tenant and landlord reports, add comments, pictures and issues and use our cost centre to add estimates, invoices and quotes to embed into the report and to automatically produce cost statements for deposit deductions and for landlord maintenance.

Our inspectors can check out against our own or other inventories and if you don't have one at all then we can provide a schedule of condition for you at the end of the tenancy - please contact us for more details.